A superb artist ... she had me completely mesmerized." –Catskill Chronicle

Academic Writings (Essays, Lectures):

CD Liner Notes, for Bach Sonatas & Partias CD: About the works   (2014)

Prospectus: From Ethereal to Sonic, for Violin    

2011.Apr.25:  Philosophical Paper on Form, to accompany Dissertation Recital                                         
                                         Stony Brook University, prof. Dan Weymouth
                                         Columbia University, profs. Achille Varzi, Lydia Goehr

~ Boulez's Anthèmes I: Demonstrating Strata of Aboutness in Music

2008.Sept.8:  Abstract for Lecture-Recital
                           Stony Brook University, prof. Lochhead

~A short glimmer of Abstraction, Aboutness, and Formalism, in Music

2007, December; for "Aesthetics". Columbia University, prof. Goehr

HYPERPRISM: A Reflection and Crystallization of Varèse and his Time

2008, April; Doctoral Essay. Stony Brook University, profs. Auner/Steege

~ On Benacerraf's Article What Numbers Could Not Be, and its Analog in Music

2006, December; for "Metaphysics". University of Calgary, prof. Landry


~or is it possible a philosophical attitude only works for philosophical pieces?


Published: Stories and Personal Essays: 

~ CD Liner Notes of Bach Sonatas & Partias CD: About the Works and Personal Essay  (2014)

On Technique vs. Musicality: Rediscovering the Function Classical Music Plays in Our Society
        (published in Allegro Magazine, Dec.2011)


~Best Nine Dollars to this Date 
        (published in Strings Magazine, Apr. 2006)


~Waiting for the A Train 
        (published in Chamber Music America, Apr. 2006)

~ Reading Earth's Danger Signs 
        (lte, published in TIME magazine, Oct.2 2007)

~ No Immunity from Politics 
        (published in the New York TimesMetropolitan Diary Section, Jan.1, 2001)


~ Critical Acclaim for Annette von Hehn, violinist; German to English

~ Biography and Critical Acclaim for the David Orlowsky Trio; German to English

~ Reviews for the Atos Trio; German to English


~ Claudia Schaer, Violin  

~  Notes from Underground: A Violinist On the Subway

~ To Whom It May Concern   (verse)